MBA General management


Several aspects should be taken into consideration while choosing MBA program and realising your expectations at the end of the education:
-            business development requires constant updating of knoledge and skills
-            all MBA programs provide with systematic knowledge, expand progessional skills
-            MBA program is oriented on the practical application of the gained knowledge
-            Specialized MBA programs usually assumed the higher education of the student in this field
-            Selection of the education manner (evening or modular classes) depends on your ability to combine work with study
(General МВА)
Promotion of young generation of active, responsible, modern-thinking managers in the communication sphere, which are able to act according to volatile market situation.
Transmission of modern crisis and post-crisis experience in marketing and advertising.
Creation (Establishing) of professional educational platform in advertising and PR. 
The Program is considered to be a classical MBA program, which began the development of business-education in Russia. The Program, oriented on general and strategic management, allows to obtain administrative, more efficient managerial decision-making and business-processes optimization skills.
The Program is recommended for managers and owners of the business, who need knowledge, skills and competences in all business processes.
Besides basic disciplines the following courses are presented: Tax management, Project financing and investment analysis, Corporate risk-management, Cost management, Business valuation, Budgeting and Controlling etc.
The Program “General management (General MBA)” is based on “State requirements for the top-management preparation (preparation of highly qualified management) in MBA programs” of the Ministry of education.
Courses include active methods of education: practical courses, case-studies, business information analysis, business games, action learning, work in small groups.

1st year
2nd year
Required courses
Professional courses
Selective courses
Master classes
Master classes
Company stage
Business game
Traineeship abroad
Interim group project
Final thesis

Specialities of General MBA Program (General MBA) at PFUR:
·          Long-term business immersion into the business, allowing to form professional links, that assist further employment and career development.
·           Attraction of business specialists, which are oriented on post-crisis market situation,  experienced on PR and advertising consulting in Russian and foreign companies.
·           Focus on development of managemet-thinking, forming of leadership skills, taking decisions’ skills and communication skills.
·           Regular discussions with leading experts in communication business, politics and social sphere.
·        Traineeships in leading universities of Europe (Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona).
·          Proving of students with study materials.
·           Additional possibilities of foreign languages’ learning (European and main Asiatic languages) according to individual plan (additional fee)
·           Personal career support and further support in professional development.

BLOC 1. Business environment and business theory
Economics for managers
Finance and financial system
Accounting and managerial accounting
Organizational behaviour
Legal base of business
Foreign language**
BLOC 2. Basic professional courses of management
International (foreign) activity management
General management
Strategic management
HR management
Soft technologies in organizational behaviour
Financial management
BLOC 3. Practical management instruments
IT systems in management
Project management
Conflict management
Changes management
Professional skills of manager
Management decision-making
Intercultural communication
Management psychology
Human factor in management
BLOC. Special courses
Advertising management
Anti-crisis strategy and tactics
Business valuation
Investment analysis and project financing
BLOC 5. Specialization courses
Operational management
Corporate management
BLOC 6. Selective courses
Pricing and pricing policy of a company
Business meetings (training)
Sales management
Effective motivation skills
Financial risk-management
Quality management
Organizational and corporate culture
Business communication
Development strategies
Financial risks’ management
Technology of financial analysis
Marketing strategies
Crosscultural communication
International standards of accounting
BLOC 7. Master-classes, projects, practice
Individual projects
Internet group projects
Business game
Business practice
Study tour
Personal development/ individual recommendations
BLOC 8. Final thesis

   Lectures and seminars
   Business games
   Case studies
   Personal tasks (case studies, solving problems)
   Exams and tests
   Credit system (several courses)
   Final exam
   Master’s thesis (diploma project)