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The MBA program at the Institute of International Economics and Business (Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia) was developed within the framework of Russian-American project “MBA Project” in accordance with “International cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Science, Higher education and Technical policy of Russia and the Association of Christian universities and colleges of the USA” and “Agreement on the preparation and publication of new textbooks and teaching aids learning masters degree in “Management business”.



MBA-General management

MBA-Financial management

MBA-International business

Modular MBA program

The closest relationchip exist between MBA program of the IIEB and School of Business of Northern Kentucky University (Kentucky, USA), Calvin College (Michigan, USA), Eastern College (Pennsylvania, USA), Lutton University (UK), Oxford Brookes University (UK). 

In 1999 the PFUR was included in the list of universities for experimental MBA programs realization in accordance with the order of the Ministry of education of Russia.

Our achievements for 20 years of the Program realization:

  • the specialized MBA programs was developed (MBA-General management,MBA-Financial management, MBA-International business)
  • during several years the ISEB (PFUR) realized (exercised) MA programs at the Gold-Platinum University (Ekaterinburg) (now it is Ural-Siberian Institute of Business)
  • forms of education has been improving: the share of interacting forms of education is increasing in the sphere of general, strategic, operational and financial management, managers’ professional skills, human resourses management, individual development etc.
  • corporate programs are implemented.

Also specialists from other universities of Moscow, state and private enterprises, joint-venture enterprises, state tax authorities, duty committee take actively participate in the MBA Program’s realization. In particular, we employ 30 professors, including 5 full doctors of Economics, 7 professors. Overall 82%of MBA Program’s professors have Phd degree or full doctor degree. At the same time the share of practicians among the Program’s professors has significantly increased (up to 45%).

Graduates and students of the Program represent middle and top management of different spheres and industries:

  • JSC Gazprom
  • JSC Alpha-bank
  • Gazprombank
  • JSC Mostransagency
  • JSC Sberbak of Russia
  • JSC Lukoil
  • JSC Sibur Holding
  • JSC Incom realty corporation
  • World Bank Group
  • Euro-asiatic corporation Ltd.
  • Philip Morris S&M Ltd.
  • Audit new technology Ltd.
  • JSC Vympelkom etc.

Joint MBA Programs are now becoming become more popular in Russia. But it should be taken into consideration that initially all MBA Programs was developed by Russian business-schools with the support of Western schools. And now participation of foreign partners is displayed in different ways: education of Russian student in the foreign schools during one or two semesters, special courses of Russian professors in the foreign schools, consulting on the introduction of new courses.

Advantages of the MBA Program

Getting MBA program education has many practical advantages, first of all it is application of knowledge in professional activity. The MA program, that was developed by the best specialists of universities of Russia and the USA, combines the necessary set of disciplines, that play significant role for the future specialist. Besides this, the MBA program allows not only acquire the necessary professional knowledge, but to educate the necessary professional skills for the future successful career in economics and finance. These skills include communication skills, responsibility, activity, that are formed during the variable MBA learning process, implying the full involvement of all students into interaction process between professors and other students of the group. The large selection of MBA programs allows students to pick up (chose) that course, which will include learning all necessary disciplines and satisfy the initial training level of the students.

Why MBA program of the IIEB?

Despite the fact the syllabus of MBA program is mostly standardized, it is impossible to completely eliminate the human factor on the level of assimilation of the proposed theoretical materials. That is why the IIEB is proud of its MBA professors, that are not only well prepared (highly qualified), but also have the ability to present valuable knowledge in a manner that left no doubt and questions. Choosing the IIEB for MBA program you can expect the high level of education, which will allow you not only to fully explore the most popular international MBA program, but also expand in detail all aspects of establishing and developing business in Russia.


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